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Friday, April 23, 2010

It's another Friday and, as you may have read in an earlier post, that means Feminine Friday around here! Going to try and actually get pictures of this weeks outfit so I can post them!

I keep coming back, on a personal level and in my quiet time/meditation time to the issue of how one dresses. I've kept a "mental log" so to speak of my own behavior on those days when I wear skirts vs. my behavior on days when I wear pants or shorts. Truthfully, I find that I'm just a slight bit more productive when I dress feminine. I know - my militant feminist acquantainces would rise up in anger at such a statement. Even my own daughters have commented that they wish the world would go back to the days when women wore dresses. I've spent some time trying to figure this out and I think I might have stumbled across something.

I work part time outside of my home and there is a certain expectation that I will follow certain parameters when dressing for work (I teach two afternoons a week at a small Christian school and dress accordingly!). When I wear skirts/dresses at home, I find myself approaching my day with a more "work-like" mentality. It's as though the way I clothe myself provides motivation for getting tasks done around the house.

The challenge for me is the fact that I don't have a large selection of casual skirts/dresses to choose from for days when there is lots of cleaning or laundry to do. But I'm working on that!

At least for me, dressing feminine more often than not is becoming the norm. Granted, it's warm weather and there is no danger that I will get chilly wearing dresses and skirts right now! But with the way my thinking and attitude are affected by how I dress, this may become something I do more than just on Friday!


Tammy said...

I like that color to. oh I wish I could sew that well.

moj8668 said...

Tammy, if I sew it, it's an easy pattern! I've never been brave enough to try button holes, and I only occasionally force myself to put in a zipper. The dress in the picture is a simple "pull-it-on-over-the-head" number with a collar (which was the most challenging part of the dress!). Simplicity and McCall's are both great for finding simple patterns that allow even the most novice seamstress to put together something beautiful!

Valencia said...

This is sooo your color! A very powerful post. I too am slowly making the transition to wearing more dresses/skirts. I have noticed my attitude changes when I dress feminine. It really has changed my life.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to India in jan of 2011 and I'm deciding to wear saree the entire time. I want to be beautiful and feminine for hubby.